Christmas In August?? Yea we did that!

When I hear the word Christmas it sparks images of Santa Clause, little elves, and Christmas trees in my mind. A beautiful winter wonderland of twinkling lights, colorful ornaments, and stocking hung above a roaring fire. Well, here at Oaks on the River, Christmas is taking on a whole new meaning. My leasing agents are taking on the form of little elves and bringing holiday cheer to the Athens area! Fully renovated apartments, killer amenities, and still completely affordable?! Yep! I know what you’re thinking…this woman has got to be kidding! Well, if I’m lying, I’m dying!  Everyone deserves to love where they live! We all want the best that life has to offer at a reasonable price. That is never too much to ask. With all we have going on in our lives everyday, home should be a place you look forward to returning to and seek out as your place of tranquility.  With our amazing move in specials right now you will feel like a kid on Christmas morning!! I could go as far as to sing Christmas carols to you….”Jingle bells, Oaks in swell, lease from us today….” ok maybe a little corny but you know it still made you smile! You get the picture though. When you find a place this special you have to share it with everyone! Consider this my early Christmas present to you!


2 thoughts on “Christmas In August?? Yea we did that!

  1. Sean says:

    I love Christmas in August! See you at the Oaks 🙂

  2. […] Christmas In August?? Yea we did that! ( […]

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